ARK: Survival Evolved

Server Status: On-Demand

Name: Tennison-Island
Map: The Island
Type: Public

Name: Tennison-Valguero
Map: Valguero Free Map
Type: Public

Name: Tennison-Extinction
Map: Extinction DLC Map
Type: Public

Details – Island / Extinction / Valgeuro

All Servers have identical Settings unless otherwise noted.
All settings subject to change without updates to this list.
This list is for reference and may not be precise as noted above.


Same for all Servers unless noted below
1251586701 – JP’s ArkNav GPS HUD
928102085 – HG Stacking Mod 10000-90
1211297684 – HG Multi Storage Box
1609138312 – Dino Storage v2
924933745 – Dino Tracker
731604991 – Structures Plus
812655342 - Automated Ark [Valguero]
821530042 – Upgrade Station
1730382678 - Stark Industries [Valguero]
558651608 - Bridge [Not on Extinction]
764755314 - Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture [Valguero]
781204544 – Kai’s Flyer Perches
566885854 – Death Helper
751991809 - Death Recovery Mod [ Valguero]
810123806 - Advanced Tranquilizers [Not on Extinction]
793605978 – Super Spyglass  REMOVED
1404697612 - Awesome Spyglass
889745138 - Awesome Teleporters [Valguero]
891357897 – AG Wyverns [The Island Map only]
1283333756 – Ancient Featherlight (Rideable)
543394681 - Auto Trough [Valguero Map] **Engrams DISABLED**
1133918048 – Phoenix Everywhere [NOT ON Valguero map]
1781217181 - Lycanthropy [Valguero]

Mods will auto download and install upon initial connection to server. No manual action is required. Bear in mind that the first connect will take some time for your computer to download and install the mods. Please be patient on the first connect.

Player Settings

PvP: Disabled
Flyer-Carry Enabled
XP Multiplier: 1.5x
Damage: 1
Resistance: 0.8
Health Recovery: 2
Harvesting Damage: 1.25x
Crafting Skill Bonus Multiplier: 1.5x

Dino Settings:

Max Tamed Dinos: 10k Server / 1000 Tribe
Damage: 1x wild / 1x tamed
Passive Tame Interval: 0.25x
Flyers ALLOWED in caves
Flying Stamina Recovery ENABLED
Mating Interval: 0.3x
Egg Hatch Speed: 3x
Cuddle Grace Period: 1.5x (more time)
Mature Speed: 3x
Hatch Speed 3x


Taming Speed: 2.5x
Resource respawn rate: 0.75x (faster than 1.0 default)
Resource respawn radius structures: 3 (resources do not spawn close to bases - default 1)


Spike Walls damage wild/non-riding dinos
Building Enabled in loot radius
Loot crate drop on structures enabled

Custom Level Progression

Per level engrams earned has been increased from the defaults.

Normal level 100 engrams earned: 3494
Custom level progression total engrams that can be earned: 4495