Server Status: On-Demand

Name: Tennison Server
Listed ingame under Community Servers Section

Type: Public


CF - Community Framework (server side)

Server Details:

Voice-Over-Network: DISABLED – Use discord or another service
Default Settings including loot, zombies, NPC’s, animals, day/night cycles, etc…

Mod Installation

To use mods on the server, visit the workshop in the client and subscribe to them, they will auto download into your client. This only installs them. To USE the mods follow the instructions below:
  1. Open Steam Library and find the DayZ game (standalone)
  2. Right click the game in the library list and choose "Run Game Launcher"
  3. Click "MODS" on the left panel of the Launcher
  4. Tick the boxes to "enable" the mods
  5. Click "PLAY" to start the game with the mods enabled
ONLY the mods listed above may be enabled while on the server. DO NOT enable any other mods, battle-eye may catch that and give a ban (untested, but better safe than sorry).