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This is an informational site provided by DevilzEye for a small group of friends for reference on server information, versioning info, download links, and connection information for the game servers we play on. However, these servers are typically open to the public. Yes, new public and/or private servers can be requested at no charge, so long as they do not take much space or resources and you're in the discord server. I keep the servers up to date on a weekly basis unless messaged directly. These servers are hosted for friends, and thus, must be in our so called "circle" to get one :)

Server OS: Windows Server 2019 Build 1809

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Private Server runs a Dual Xeon Quad Core CPU, and 40GB DDR3 ECC Ram.
NOTE: Game Servers are not 24/7 unless they are contuously active. After running inactive and idle for approximately a week, the game server is stopped. To request a server be started, use the discord below and contact DevilzEye.

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