Server Status: On-Demand

Name: Tennison Private
Listed ingame
Type: Public


Must join a faction or the server will kill you! Mutants will deal double damage to non-faction players, and you cant kill anything!

Factions: PvP, Hardcore, and PvE

PvP can kill players, normal damage to and from Mutants
Hardcore, double damage (PvE based)
PvE can kill mutants, but not players

PvP cannot kill PvE
PvE cannot kill PvP
Hardcore has an "on death" starting loadout, fully equipped.

In chat, (enter) type !factionname to join one!


Default Server Settings
Auto-Restart (forced by game): 24 hours

Can be found and managed (RCON) at https://servers.miscreatedgame.com/

Mods :P

Pheonix Community Rebirth Mod
Heavy Raider - ID 1783656596
Removed - Chat Commands